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Studio Rental

Affordable Space to Create


Rent by the month or the hour

Three ways to use the space:

  • Book an Art Lab and pay an hourly fee.

  • Purchase a Studio Membership and pay monthly.

  • Become a Resident Artist for unlimited access to a shared studio space.

Studio Amenities

  • Washing Station.

  • Basic materials such as scissors, rulers, pencils, erasers, tape, glue sticks, markers and/or colored pencils, and water containers.

  • Large windows and natural light.

Art Labs

Just want to try out some new materials or do some crafting with friends? Pay a one time hourly fee by booking an Art Lab. Materials kits are available for an extra charge, or bring your own materials. 

$60 - 185

Studio Membership

Maybe you need a creative space outside your home for just a few hours a week. Become a studio member and reserve up to sixteen hours a month in the studio. Bring your own materials and store them in a locked storage locker for use at your next session.

$100 / month

Resident Artist

Want unlimited access to the studio with a small community of artists? Become a resident artist at Open Art Space! Each resident artist has a dedicated creative area with one large table, an open storage shelf, a lockable storage locker, wall space for hanging artwork, and opportunities to participate in the Art Crawl and other studio events. Month to month rental following initial three month commitment. No long term lease needed.

$200 / month

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