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Art Labs

Why make a mess at your house? Book a two hour studio session alone or with up to four friends (5 people max). Bring your own materials, choose a self directed art kit, or explore with an experienced art instructor. Art Labs are a great way to try new materials before you buy, have some quiet creative time for yourself, or to have a fun gathering with a group of family or friends.



Use the studio space with your own materials. Basic cleaning supplies and non-consumable materials provided. $60

Sketching Equipments

Self-Guided with Kit

Choose an art kit to explore while using the studio space. One art kit with materials for up to 5 people, idea starters and materials guide included.


White Acrylic Paint


Choose an art kit and explore the materials in the studio with an experienced Art Lab instructor. One art kit with materials for up to 5 people included in the price.


Choose an optional Art Kit when you book your Art Lab!

One art kit containing materials for up to 5 people comes with every guided Art Lab and are an add on option for self-guided Art Labs. 

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