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Open Art Space
Terms and Conditions for All Studio Users 

Open Art Space is a shared art studio space. Studio users (members, Art Lab participants, and guests) agree to be respectful of the space and all provided materials, resident artists and their property, and building tenants. No excessive noise or loud music that disturbs resident artists or building tenants is allowed.

Studio users will leave the space as it was found at the start of the rental term (studio session). Materials and furnishings provided by Open Art Space are the property of Open Art Space and are not to be removed from the studio. A sixty dollar cleaning and damage fee will be charged if the studio and/or the property/materials are left in poor condition outside of reasonable wear and tear (ie: excessive trash and debris, excessive spills on floors and walls, careless damage to materials).


Studio users will ensure that the doors and windows are securely closed and locked when leaving, and all electrical equipment such as fans, dryers, and heaters are turned off after use. Access to the studio will not be granted to persons other than those included in the studio rental. Studio users will only use the assigned areas, and not utilize or otherwise disturb furnishings or materials of resident artists.


Studio users assume responsibility for excessive damages beyond reasonable wear and tear to walls, floors, doors, windows, and ceilings, property of resident artists, and Open Art Space (OAS) property incurred during their studio session, as well as any negligent behavior of their guests while visiting. Studio users shall not engage in any illegal activity in the studio, or use the studio for purposes other than outlined in this agreement. 


Open Art Space is an inclusive space and celebrates the visible and invisible qualities that make each person unique, including race, gender, age, sexuality, ability, religion, national origin, gender identity, and other identities. Resident artists will uphold these values and will take appropriate action to remove any disrespectful or unruly visitors.


Open Art Space is held harmless for any damage or harm done to property or people while in the space during the rental term, and/or to guests in the studio. Should any property and/or person be harmed while in the studio (space), the studio user will take full legal and/or financial responsibility.

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